What’s Happening At St. Paul UMC

Event Calendar
Dec 30, 9:00 am Breakfast @ St. Paul UMC
Dec 30, 10:00 am Joint Worship Service @ St. Paul UMC

ELECTRONIC GIVING! Go to Electronic Giving Online if you are interested in supporting Community Worship, our Youth Group, the Playground, the Elevator fund, or any other aspect of St Paul’s missions and activities!

Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse
Doors open @ 6:30 pm – Concerts start @7:30pm
• Dec 29 Closed for Christmas Holidays
• Jan 5 Closed for New Year’s Holiday

Remember to pray for: Garland ‘Sonny’ Roberts family, Pauline & Rainey Hicks, Wayne Davis, Judy Hayes, Harold Brock, Doug Whaley, Jim Huntley, Loretta Ragan, Rhonda Turner, Louise Frate, Jane McNeill, Tank O’Briant, Don Crowe, Betty Hudson, those who are lost, Pam Powell Lutz, John & Mary Christy, Diane Powell, Gwynne Cameron, Wilton Dickerson.

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