Coming Up At St. Paul Church

Youth Movie Matinee: 2nd Sundays in the Coffee House from 4-6pm

Skeeter Run: Saturday, March 21st 8:00am at C. M. Herndon Park Durham. $20 to register for the run. All proceeds go to the fight to end Malaria. Contact Laura Wittman for more information 919-489-6557 OR visit the website:

An Evening at Sacred Grounds

March 14 ā€“ Bethesda Bluegrass Band
March 21 ā€“ Brien Barbour
March 28 ā€“ Little Windows

Urban Ministries: The next opportunity will be on March 28th . Sign up to serve in the narthex, sign up online or contact Wayne Davis for more info

Altar Flower Sign Up – The sign up form is in the Narthex so you can identify what Sunday you would like to bring altar flowers or contact Jill Murphy at OR 318-237-8727.

Life Group Opportunities are available: Contact Jill Murphy if you are interested in joining one. OR 318-237-8727

Changes to the bulletin: Contact Jill Murphy at OR 318-237-8727

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